Although this traditional Montenegrin dish is highly specific for the entire northern region of the country, it is considered that this specialty originates from Kolašin, where competitions in making this dish are held every year. Kačamak is a dish made of potatoes, different types of flour, and its uniqueness comes from the cheese and kajmak which are added at the end. There is a popular belief that there shouldn’t be any kačamak left in the plate because the one who does not eat the entire plate might lose his or her girlfriend or boyfriend.

The secret of kačamak lies in its quality ingredients, but also in the strength needed for all the ingredients to be united properly. “To beat kačamak“ means that it needs to be “beaten“ for a long time and with a lot of strenght in order for the ingredients to be able to unite perfectly. This dish is usually served with homemade sour milk. We recommend that you taste it after skiing on some Montenegrin mountain. In such an environment, and after winter activities, kačamak will “suit“ you perfectly.


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