Cheese is the type of food produced in all areas of Montenegro, and its taste varies according to the place and conditions in which it is produced. What all the kinds of cheese have in common, whether they are produced in the north or the south, is the quality and the traditional preparation method. Cheeses from Pljevlja, Kolašin, Čevo and others, called by the names of places in Montenegro where they are made, are known as high quality among people in Montenegro, but also among the tourists.

The cheese which is usually produced in the north of Montenegro is also called “the full cheese“. According to experts, it is the best when it is made from the mixture of cow and sheep milk. Animals that provide milk for the process of making the cheese, in the north of Montenegro, often live in conditions of untouched and pure nature, and that is particularly reflected in the quality of milk.

In the south, you can taste a particularly healthy cheese of specific taste. It is goat cheese which is recommended to all the true food lovers. If you ever come to food market in Bar or Ulcinj, do not miss the chance to taste the goat cheese from this area. The perfect “balls” of goat cheese, which are called “grude” in Montenegro, have been made from the best milk in this part of the country for centuries. The tradition of cheese making in Montenegro does not only involve obeying the old recipes, but also a necessary maintenance of high levels of hygienic standards during the production process which was created at the time when no benefits, such as modern technologies, existed, and it is still deemed efficient and reliable.


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