Have you ever thought about how much food mirrors what you see in a country and its nature – open spaces, hills and sea?

The beauties of Montenegrin landscapes and authentic experience can only be complemented by the scents and tastes offered to you. Have you ever thought about how much food can mirror what you see in a country and its nature – open spaces, hills and sea. Montenegro is exactly like that – colourful and worthy. Here, your palate will be surprised by that perfect bland and it will render some new tastes, which you have never had a chance to try before. Whether you decide to go from one end of the shore towards another, or you decide to set yourself down from the north, through the central area and down to the Adriatic, there is no wrong direction on the journey through gastronomic pleasures of this county. Whether you are a real gourmet or you perceive food as a mere obligation, what awaits you in Montenegro is a blend of simplicity and a variety of tastes to which more than one sense will react – unforgettable.

The distinct position conditioned the effects that were brought by the wind and the sea, and protected by the mountains, thus creating and preserving the authentic and the original that has become the distinguishing mark of Montenegro, as well as the trademark of its cuisine. Those trademarks are kačamak – traditional potato dish; ham from Njeguši we are especially proud of; all kinds of cheeses of various flavours, age and colour; lamb in milk, lake trout in yoghurt, smoked bleak, carp with prunes, raštan – collard greens, as well as numerous versions of the beloved dishes which make us a part of the Balkan Peninsula – from japraci and sarma- cabbage rolls, fish stew, pies and burek to delicacies, such as baklava, tufahija, tarts and the famous Dobrota cake. But that is not all! What makes our dishes complete, or at least accompanies each one, is our grape brandy – rakija and wines which are yet another reflection of this area, made from authentic and indigenous kinds of grape – white Krstač and red Vranac.


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