Whether you are a gourmet or not, going to one of the food markets in Montenegrin towns is a necessary experience. That is because Montenegro is the country in which you can still find many organic products that are produced on family farms and smaller households. A great number of families that have been producing their vegetables, fruits, flowers, cheese and all other products for generations, present their products at the markets in Podgorica, Kolašin, Bar, Ulcinj, Kotor, Budva…

Many people will say that the richness of offer is a consequence of nature, good climate, soil… Of course that is the reason as well, but there is one more. That is the tradition.

Generations of people from Montenegro have been growing fruits and vegetables, making cheeses, olive oil, as well as everything else that they sell, in the same way as they had been taught by their fathers and mothers, who had learned it from their parents and so on. From generation to generation, parents have been passing on their skills of growing and producing products, which even today preserve their original taste and beauty, to their children.

It seems that when you do something with so much attention, dedication and love, the nature recognizes that and then gives even more. Maybe this is the secret to luxury which can be seen displayed each morning on all the Montenegrin food markets.


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