During your stay in Montenegro you will see that the people here are very proud of the beauties of their country and the rich history from all its areas. Maybe you will not expect to encounter a dish among those things, but that is exactly the case with ham from Njeguši.

For Montenegrins, it is more than a delicious specialty. It has been a part of their lives forever and it has been offered to every guest who has come into any Montenegrin home, as a special sign of hospitality and respect. The best affirmation of Njeguška pršuta comes from an honest delight shared by all the people who taste it, no matter where they come from.The logical question is – what is the secret of this dish?

There is not only one main thing that is chief and crucial for the taste of ham from Njeguši, but there are more factors which create the unique taste. The very process of producing ham and preparing pork legs meat has not changed for centuries. The process of salting, desalting and pressing is carefully monitored and it never changes, the same as the smoking process. In Njeguši, they will insist on the fact that the real ham is smoked exclusively on the beech wood smoke. It takes at least half a year for this dish to be ready for being offered to guests, along with homemade bread and cheese from Njeguši. If you ask them whether there is a secret ingredient, something undiscovered, many will say that it is the climate of this area. It is exactly that encounter of sea and mountain air that makes the ham from Njeguši stand out among the others and that makes you want to try exactly this kind.

As a proverb says: “A lot can be written about the sea, but at the end it is necessary to swim as well“, in the same way you only need to try the ham from Njeguši. It is then that you will best feel and understand the perfect proportion of everything that makes it so much different and good!


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